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You are crazy about poker, especially about online poker. You don’t like overcrowded places and you’ve found the way out – you enjoy internet poker as well. To increase you chances in winning the most popular among online pokers- online poker you need some information written below.

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Like many other casino games internet poker (online poker) is served by the dealer. The dealer in all pokers is in charge of dealing the cards and often plays against casino visitors. Online poker is closely associated with specific programs necessary for the gaming process. For example, every online casino, which offers you internet poker (online poker) virtual poker table with special fields and marks.

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Besides, there is a substitute for the money wagered –  colour poker chips that correspond to different denominations of money. Internet poker (online poker) game starts with a shuffle and cut of the virtual deck and then the players ante before the dealer deals a card. To ante, each player is required to put a small amount of money, usually a percentage of the minimum bet, into the pot. There are different numbers of betting rounds in different internet poker (online poker) games. During each round, betting moves clockwise around the table and players can either check, call, raise, or fold. All kinds of internet poker (online poker) games can involve either five or seven cards, and can be played in one of two ways: high or high/low. As in usual non-online poker When a poker game is played high, the highest hand wins the pot. When a poker game is played high/low, the pot is split between the person with the highest hand and the person with the lowest hand.

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