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There are a lot of online poker forums, however, a core of the entire online poker forum community belongs to several forums. The Two Plus Two poker forum (2+2), established in 1996 by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth, is considered the oldest and most recognizable poker forum. Since this online poker community is comprised of both online poker gurus and poker newcomers, rookies may feel absolutely comfortable posting at this poker forum.

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United Poker Forum, which was founded by Caro, is another overcrowded online poker venue. Many internet poker beginners were educated here, but current condition of the poker forum is not the best because of flamers.  The Hendon Mob poker forum, which contains a lot of off-topic poker online posts, is targeting European poker audience; top European poker stars along with unknown professional online poker players are regular visitors of this poker forum.

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In essence, poker forum is a special place in the internet, which provides a space for online poker players looking for communication.  As poker online is the game, which involves a fair amount of socialization, that’s why online poker forum is a popular internet poker destination.

Poker players are always eager to discuss issues concerning their favourite online poker and to gather in certain venues such as poker forum. Poker forum may be of different types since some online poker resources may cater for professional poker players while other poker forums are dedicated to online poker rookies.

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The typical poker forum consists of threads, which unite the postings on similar on line poker problems. The poker forum thread is divided on poker online topics that are the certain subjects of discussion. As usual, a poker forum has its own rules for posters, but the majority of them forbid abusive materials. All rights reserved