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Poker chips, special tokens representing money, are known as essential things of poker and online poker gaming. Poker chips are fabricated with complicated graphics and edge spot patterns intending to make poker chips difficult to counterfeit. The coin-shaped poker chips are made of uniform size and weight, while money value is determined by the colour of poker chips.

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Poker chips colour scheme, standard for most poker games is as follows: $1 poker chips are white; $5- red; $10- blue; $25- green; $100 poker chips are black; $500- purple; $1000- orange; $5000- grey; $10000 poker chips are pink. There is no requirement that casinos use these colours for poker or on line poker, and there is much variants of using colours for poker chips above $100. 

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Originally, poker chips were made of bone. However, modern casino poker chips are often made of a ceramic material with clay added for texture and weight, which made poker chips well guarded and expensive. Clay poker chips, which can cost just $0.15 per chip, are considered the most upscale variety of poker chips. However, these poker chips are not currently manufactured for poker playing because of their brittleness and fragility. Plastic poker chips at a wide variety of quality levels also can be found in different poker venues. 

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Ceramic casino style poker chips can be bought for home poker games, but typical price of ceramic poker chips is at approximately $1 per chip. Modern home poker chips may cost less than $100 for 500. Such poker chips are typically manufactured with injection moulding technology using ABS material. These poker chips are moulded around a metal slug (for weight) and come in several colours. As for internet poker also known as online poker, the poker chips for playing poker online, naturally, are just a part of the web graphics. All rights reserved