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Poker club unites poker and online poker aficionados who are looking for sharing their pokers passion with other poker players. Poker club allows poker enthusiasts to meet new poker friends and to discuss issues about their favourite poker game. Poker club is an effective way to extend your knowledge of poker and find other poker players' advice.

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There are two main types of a poker club – poker club for offline poker enthusiasts and poker club for online poker fans. If you prefer playing pokers in land-based casinos you may share your poker experience in offline poker clubs. However, those poker fans who prefer playing poker online are likely to join an internet poker club.

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Online poker clubs also vary depending on their mission. Poker club may be just one of many services provided by online poker operator. However, you may find independent poker clubs, which are exclusively aimed at providing space for internet poker communication. Since poker players may have different poker experience, there are poker clubs, which are catering for poker beginners, advanced, intermediate or professional poker players.

Poker has been deemed the game for men, but online poker statistics indicate that female poker players are becoming more and more involved in pokers activity. The investigations show that female poker fans are very sociable and they always enjoy an opportunity to communicate with each other about poker. To feed their poker community habit, female poker players have organized the Women's Poker Club, which holds both offline and online poker events and has a network of 2000 members. All rights reserved